The Playhouse Trio

Available from £499!

A charming yet quirky jazz trio that will suit everything from dinner music to energetic parties...

This line up features highly credited musicians ranging from our leader, James who has musically directed various celebrities from Phillip Schofield to Britain’s Got Talent winners Ashleigh & Pudsey. With the rhythm section also working along side many big names such as, The Jackson 5, Jamie Cullum, Tom Jones and The Rolling Stones.

Collectively, we are the ultimate choice for any event, whilst we have an extensive repertoire if we don’t know your all time favourite song don’t worry, if you can hum it we can play it! Every aspect of The Playhouse Trio is fully customisable to suit your needs… Want to hear pop but need it to sound 1920s? Love the band but really want to add your favourite instrument? We can do it! That said, if you’d rather leave it to the experts, with thousands of events under our belt we know exactly when its time to ballad and exactly when its time to start jumping off the piano.

Of course as is the way with all Cue Music acts, every element is fully customisable to suit your needs!

Love the Playhouse vibe but would prefer a bigger line-up? Check out The Playhouse Band for the same band with the addition of vocals and sax!
Perhaps you need an even smaller line up? Check out The Playhouse Duo for a very similar feel, but with a piano and horn of your choice!

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