The Palladium Band

Available from £850!

The Palladium Band is the most dynamic, visually impactful and high-energy act, that never fails to leave an unforgettable impression at ANY event.

The band features unique and specialist talents from musicians specifically selected from around the UK. The Palladium Band delivers a sonic and visual spectacle, fronted with unfaltering sparkle and style by vocalist Jennifer Hastings. As well as providing her voice for prestigious live work with musical legends such as Mark Knopfler and Joe McElderry, like everyone in the Cue Music Family, Jennifer works regularly in recording studios across the country, providing her talents for national TV, radio and theatre.

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Of course as is the way with all Cue Music acts, every element is fully customisable to suit your needs!

Love the Palladium vibe but dare to go bigger? Just get in touch to add additional musicians such as seen in The Empire Band
Love the Palladium sound but need a smaller set up? Check out The Empire Trio or The Empire Duo for inspiration on how this line up could also be presented in a compact format.

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