James Harrison Accordion

Available from £150!

This act is perfect for anyone who is a fan of James’ unique approach to performance and music making.

Based on the same energy found in James’ playing either on piano and in a band the use of the accordion enables him to be completely mobile and interactive with an audience leaving each and every one totally engaged. With the accordion being a quirky instrument this lends itself perfectly to James’ personality and showmanship making it a great choice for birthday surprises, sing-a-longs and special occasions or just general partying…

But, do not fear the quirky-ness doesn’t just end there! He can even do all of the above whilst riding a unicycle… this isn’t a joke, just watch the video if you don’t believe us!

Of course as is the way with all Cue Music acts, every element is fully customisable to suit your needs!

Enjoying James' style but want to hear him on a more traditional instrument? Check out James Harrison Solo Piano to have the same amazing musicianship and fun but with a more traditional sound!
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